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Travelling Abroad?

The Travelers Immunization Clinic offers vaccinations, preventive medications, counseling to prevent travel illnesses, and computer printout listing country advisories, counselor information and immunization requirements. Find out more>>

Is your well water tested? 

Arsenic in Water Wells

Surveys of water wells have been conducted in several New England States, including some areas of Connecticut. There is Arsenic present in very low quantities in some wells. Should we be concerned?  Find out more!

Use Pesticides Wisely

Use Pesticides Wisely

Residents are concerned about safe Pesticide use in their neighborhoods. Whether you hire a professional or purchase pesticides at the local hardware store to apply yourself, please be safe and use pesticides wisely>>

Become a Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Volunteer!

The Westport Weston Health District manages and operates the Westport Weston Wilton Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). The team receives extensive training on preparing for and responding to public health emergencies, such as setting up and operating mass vaccination clinics, often referred to as Points of Dispensing, or “PODs”. .... find out more>>